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Thread: Dual Monitor Question

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    Dual Monitor Question

    rite now i'm thinkin of goin dual monitors but my current grafix card (in sig) doesn't have the dvi in which dat i could just get a dvi to analog adapter but bak wen i bought the card i didn't think that i would use the dvi and i didn't feel like payin like an extra 20 or so for it either so i was wondering if i could just get a pci grafix card and put that in and use that grafix as my second monitor?
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    I think you can do that if you have Windows2000 or XP, but I have never do this myself.
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    yup, just throw in an old pci video card and use it for the secondary
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    Just make sure that you have the agp card set to be the first card, and not the pci.
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