RAID Jumper settings
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Thread: RAID Jumper settings

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    RAID Jumper settings

    I am new to RAID Cotrollers so bare with me... I just purchased a Raid Controller and 2 Raid Drives. Does it matter if the position of the Raid controller Jumper is moved or flipped around. I ask because I am trying to install win200 on my HD's with the new Raid hardware, and it is not working. It keeps getting stuck when I try to format. I checked everything else, and it is all fine...all the settings are correct, the drives are recognized, etc. The only thing that I thought may be wrong was maybe that I flipped the jumper around (and forgot to put it back in its original position by mistake)? Are they that specific, could that be the problem?


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    Smile RAID again

    Another RAID Controller question I bought a Raid Controller and 2 Raid drives. After configuring the raid controller with the drives, I could not instal Win2000 for some reason, it would freeze up everytime it tried to format. So...I replaced everything with a new Raid Controller and 2 new Raid Drives and everything works fine. Now, I still have the old Raid stuff, so I want to test out to see which is not working...the controller itself or the drives. So...if I want to test out the old raid controller, is it ok if I take the current one out and replace it with the old one? Will this corrupt anything on the current drives I have in there now that are working? I just want to see if the old raid controller was the problem in the first there any other way I can test it if this will cause problems with my existing drives?

    Thank you to anyone who knows what in the world I am talking about and who can help me out

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    What brand of RAID controller is it? What is your system configuration? What kind of RAID are you planning to set up? You should backup all important data before setting up RAID.
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