Ti4200 at 2x?!
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Thread: Ti4200 at 2x?!

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    Angry Ti4200 at 2x?!

    I have a Leadtek A280 LE 64MB DDR GF4 Ti4200 8x card, but my mainbord supports max. 4x. OK, it's not a problem. But, my detonators are saying that my BUS is 2x!!!! And so does WinFox and RivaTuner!!! I'm using Leadtek's 42.xx beta drivers, i tought they might be the problem, but i installed original 30.82 driers and detonators 41.09, and it's allways the same, 2x!!!!

    What's the problem????

    PS: I vave Asus TUSL2-C mboard (supports 4x, and it's set in BIOS) and a Tualatin 1400MHz

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    I had a similar problem once. It was missing something like "AGP to PCI host bridge". Installing VIA 3-in-1 drivers solved my problem. I do not know if you have a VIA based mobo but ... it could be valid check that.

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