Geforce 3 or 4??
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Thread: Geforce 3 or 4??

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    Geforce 3 or 4??

    Im looking at buying CnC generals, and it looks like I need to upgrade my 32 mb geforce 2. Im real tight on money now, and Im wondering if it would be a better choice to get the Geforce 3 Ti200 128mb. I have been looking as getting a ti4200, but I just dont feel like spending $130-150 right now. Would the gf3 i specified be worth the money, and give me a good performance boost with the 128mb version? Could you compare the 128 mb gf3 with the 128 or 64mb 4200??


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    I would go with the Ti4200. Newegg currently has a Ti4200 for $110.

    Click HERE

    Thats only the 64MB version, but it would work for most of the current and upcoming games, given you have the CPU to back it up.
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    go with ati.

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    Charts at the following, LINK.
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