noise dampening covers - Do they work
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Thread: noise dampening covers - Do they work

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    noise dampening covers - Do they work

    Does anyone here use those noise dampening covers? I was thinking about getting them but I don't know if it's a waste.

    One brand name I saw was 'Akasa Acoustic Absorbtion Mats"
    Sounds good but I don't know.

    Here is a link for the test -
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    Sound absorption mats can work.
    Results will vary as usual, depending on brand and such...
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    i'm actually using those sound absorption mats...but they're pretty much useless...there's no significant difference with the sound output from waste of $20...i only kept them b/c i don't want to leave behind a sticky mess when i remove them...
    better idea would be to invest in quieter fans...which is what i did...
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    You'll find the answer to your question (they don't) and find out what does work at:

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