Although I use me pc mainly for gaming I`ve just installed my partners HP Deskject 670c as I need to print some stuff off.

Did not have installation disk so downloaded the latest driver for it and installed it, done a communication test which was fine communicating both ways, done the HP test page which is fine and the win98 printer test page which congratulates me on correctly having installed said printer.

So can anybody please tell me why when I boot up it keeps saying found new hardware and installing software for it? But when I click on HP and get the list of printers on the right there is every model of deskjet exept the 670c, even if I point it to say the next model above or below (didnt know if I should or not) I still need to show it where the driver is which I cant cause I dont know where that reside`s any help would be great, I have uninstalled and re-installed but keep getting this message on boot up.