Best HD for DV editing
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Thread: Best HD for DV editing

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    Best HD for DV editing

    I'm looking between a 80GB MAXTOR and an 80GB WD to use in the external enclosure I just bought.

    The 80GB WD has the same numbers of RPM as Maxtor (7200), but is ATA 100 while Maxtor is 133.

    What is making it difficult to decide is that the WD drive has an 8mb buffer cache, while Maxtor has 2mb. But I'm not exactly sure of the function of the buffer, and if it has any impact on dv editing which is the only purpose of the hard drive I wanna get.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    The Western Digital Special Edition drives with the 8MB buffer are generally faster when compared to drives from other brands of equal size.

    The ATA133 support on the Maxtor drives is meaningless, as no current IDE drives have exceeded the bandwidth provided by the ATA100 standard.

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