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    Cool F1 2002 - GT Racing 2002 Mod

    As the topic says, F1 2002 - GT Racing 2002 Mod : has anyone tried it ?

    Someone here, and I can't remember who (I did an extensive search), posted some shots of the FIA GTv3 mod (GTR02's predecessor) and it got me really interested in the game. I mean REALLY interested in the game.

    I have been playing it constantly and editing stuff for it. In fact, I got so into it that the team asked me to join them - the SBDT, the guys who developed GTR02. That's why I don't visit here nearly as often as I used to.

    In case you don't know what GTR Racing 2002 is, our home page is http://www.simmods.com . To see what's in the mod go to http://www.simmods.com/sbdt/CarsnTracks.htm . The mod has 37 new cars and 7 new tracks. There are also many additional cars and tracks available. I am the webmeister so that page is some of my work.

    It's not my intention to spam you folks here. I was just wondering if any of you have tried it and what you thought of it ?

    Also, are there any of you who are regulars at http://www.simmods.com or http://www.racesimcentral.com whom I might know under a different name ?

    I have a different nick for racing - I decided it was time for a change.

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    Thanks and congratulations on getting onto the SBDT - they seem like a great bunch of guys!

    Think it was me who origially posted about the GT mod but haven't check SimBin for ages (had Rallisport challenge to play with for a while now, hehe). Unfortunately I don't have F1 2002, but if I ever get hold of it I'll definitely give the new mod a whirl.

    I remember when I stopped hanging out at SB, IanBell and crew were just posting the first few "early development" shots of the 2002 mod. Glad to see they followed it through to conclusion (and now with you on board, woo!).


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    Thanks and I think you are right - I think it was you.

    You can find F1 2002 very inexpensively now so it's really a great deal I think. For me it was one of the best twenty bucks I have ever spent. Of course, the new video card I just had to have cost a bit more.

    You should see our latest WIP shots. There is some very cool stuff coming.

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