As the topic says, F1 2002 - GT Racing 2002 Mod : has anyone tried it ?

Someone here, and I can't remember who (I did an extensive search), posted some shots of the FIA GTv3 mod (GTR02's predecessor) and it got me really interested in the game. I mean REALLY interested in the game.

I have been playing it constantly and editing stuff for it. In fact, I got so into it that the team asked me to join them - the SBDT, the guys who developed GTR02. That's why I don't visit here nearly as often as I used to.

In case you don't know what GTR Racing 2002 is, our home page is . To see what's in the mod go to . The mod has 37 new cars and 7 new tracks. There are also many additional cars and tracks available. I am the webmeister so that page is some of my work.

It's not my intention to spam you folks here. I was just wondering if any of you have tried it and what you thought of it ?

Also, are there any of you who are regulars at or whom I might know under a different name ?

I have a different nick for racing - I decided it was time for a change.