What should I be getting (score)
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Thread: What should I be getting (score)

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    What should I be getting (score)

    I am curious, the reason I am curious is, maybe I am getting less than what I should be getting. So here is the poll, and if you all can tell me what I should do, to increase performance, something lasting, without loosing much stability. Or heck, if the score I get is all ill get PERIOD.. Anyways.. Vote please..

    BTW all this is STOCK, no o/cing..


    Athlon Xp 2700+
    Radeon 9700
    1GB Pc2700 Ram (samsung)
    SCSI CD-ROM and Hard Drive
    Epox 8k5a2+
    Audigy 2

    Also curious if anyone here thats getting high scores, stock speed with a equiv proc, has the newer revision of the card? The ATI tech dude said there is a newer revision..

    Edit: I ran 3dmark and im getting the same score which is 14,000, ok ok 13998, but close enough. Shouldn't I be getting a better score than this???

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