undervolting 1700+
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Thread: undervolting 1700+

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    undervolting 1700+

    whats the lowest likely voltage I can get away with a 1700+ for?
    mine arrives tomorrow together with an all copper zalman flower cooler and ideally I'd like to run it without a fan at all, just relying on a clean layout inside the case and a good silent case fan so minimising the power consumption is my objective rather than overclocking

    I know a duron 800 will be okwithout fan - just the zalman (cos i've seen it !) but how much more power does an xp chip push out

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    is it a tbred? i think its a 1.5v chip, can't remember and should run say abouts 1.45V if so, if pali, might go 1.65-1.7v or less
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    Yeah, the TBred A is 1.5v, The B is 1.6v, but they both run very cool @ default.

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    The lowest voltage will partly depend on the motherboard. On my Epox 8HKA+ the lowest possible voltage setting is 1.4V with my 1700+ Tbred (A). However, they do run cool - runs at about 38-40C while currently at 1666@1.575V.

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