Converting AT case to ATX with minimal tools.
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Thread: Converting AT case to ATX with minimal tools.

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    Converting AT case to ATX with minimal tools.

    Today i converted a old oversize AT aopen case to a ATX case. Well at least it holds my micro ATX

    What I did was take out the brass nipples off the bottom of the case that are arranged in the at screw layout.

    What I did was screw a 1/2 inch piece of wood the size of the mobo into the case bottom. Ironically the mATX mobo fit into the AT case with PSU. Only thing I had to do was remove some of the back plate with tin snips for the ps2 and usb ports to be open as also the printer port. All of the PCI slots lined up after I moved the slots after moving it and then I rescrewed the PCI slots down onto the case. I moved the mobo to match the PCI slots and screwed them down randomly into the 1/2" piece of wood. It is running the cel 500MHz below. Trying to get my old POS nvidia riva to run on my TV to make this a livingroom computer so when I want to check HWC I don't have to run to the backroom
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