unlocking a 2100+
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Thread: unlocking a 2100+

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    Question unlocking a 2100+

    i plan to drop the multiplier to 10 or 10.5x...
    but on tomshardware there's this..

    With the Athlon XP2100+ (13.0 x 133 MHz = 1733 MHz), AMD just stuck to the same course it had started with the Duron 1300. The clock multiplier of 13.0 is reached using a translation table that is activated using the L10 bridge. As a result, settings above 12.5 can only be made by setting an additional flag. Both of our pictures of the L-bridges on the Athlon XP2000+ and the Athlon XP2100+ show that the L10 bridges have been newly encoded beginning with the 2100 version. The CPU uses this to interpret the multiplier's default of 5.0 as 13.0 - on the condition that the L1 bridges have been unlocked on the processor. If this is not the case, the CPU will automatically determine all of the settings.

    any kind of a roadblock to dropping the multiplier to run a 166fsb?
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