Ok, I mistakenly bought IcewindDale II in italy because it said "European version" on the back. I thought this would include multiple language choices and found that it was only italian so I returned it to the shop. The dodgy italians wouldn't give me a refund so I had to change the game for something that I could be sure was in english. Searching through their fairly megre selection of games I came across NWO which I had played the demo of. So I took it home and installed it on my laptop.

Heres where the problem started. First, for a full finished game it doesn't have crash a lot on my GF4Go PC. Second and most frustrating is that the manual says that the Equipment/buy key is hotwired (as such) to the ~ key. This is fine apart from the fact that no key on my laptop that enables the equipment menu (a few combinations of shift and keys caused it to cras though ). I'm just interested to know if anyone has had similar problems to this or if its just on laptops that this game doesn't work properly???