I'm thinking of maybe upgrading my Athlon 600 to perhaps 1,6GHz and an up-to-date MB w/ DDR-RAM. But my system is placed next to my monitor, and thus the buzzing from the chassi-fan and CPU-fan, as well as my IBM HD interferes w/ my sound-system and can be quite annoying to those who are not used to this noise-level up in ear-hight.

I would be very appreciative if some1 could please recommend some fans, cooling-systems and silent-HD:s for my future purchase. I am aiming at the mid-price section (not crap - not the fantasy of a speeded overclocker), perhaps some $10-30 for the chassi-fan and CPU-fan, and about $100-150 for a new HD (preferably IBM and 7200rpm).

Many thanks,