Below is a friend of mine's email who is having trouble after installing a new HP printer. Now he cannot get either printer to work



Hey Eric, its Chris, I told you I would email you tonight with the list of these stupid errors ( I hope your ready for this)

well lets start here : in the "printer and faxes" folder in control panel I tried to hit add printer and it told me

"printers: operation could not be completed" why ??????????

and in the same folder I went to hit file, drop box to server properties I got this dumb error
: server properties could not be viewed the print spooler is not running

the last thing I tried was to uninstall all of hp and then I rebooted and tried to install I thought I was doing good right to the end. and what did I see an error!

this one said "can not install hardware there was a problem installing printer error occurred during install RPC server is unavailable" well that's all I got for now ohhh that file I said I needed for the ati update was on the cpu I just had to go find it manually so that is ok

so see what you can find out thanks allot Eric

your frustrated friend