Got my new C1 2.53 today from Terry!
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Thread: Got my new C1 2.53 today from Terry!

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    Talking Got my new C1 2.53 today from Terry!

    Running at 3.33GHz right now on 1.475v actual That said, I haven't checked for stability. Will be running SETI soon enough to begin testing.

    Only problem with the FSB of 175MHz is that my RAM is only running at 175MHz since it can't handle the 220MHz with only 2.8v

    So far she seems like a beauty. Was running 3.8GHz and 1.7v but temps were too high for my crappy heatsink (56*C instantly and climbing in BIOS), so I'll see what I can get on default voltage until I get some watercooling
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