Just received one of these in the post today and thought I had messed up the driver/software installation at first as I had set up a profile for counter strike and was getting some strange responses from the speedpad. Pressing "walk" (defined as far left bottom row of keys, #06) in conjunction with forward and strafe left (default #03 and #07) resulted in my weapon quick changing (press of #02). Checked out what Belkin had on their site about this:

Q: When I push a combination of keys Like 1, 2, and 6, a fourth key activates or displays in the editor, how can I fix this?
A: If it is required for you hold down more than one button do a special move in the game, you can program one of your keys on the keypad to do a Macro Command so that instead of holding those buttons down you only have to push one. We are currently looking into a fix and when it becomes available, we will post the information about it on our FAQ.
So what they want is for me to have a set of walking buttons and a set of normal movement buttons???? I thought that such a simple flaw with their product would have been spotted. Even in their profile editor for assigning keys it highlights the keys you have pressed plus the erroneous one which is being activated...
Saying that this controller is very comfortable and I would like to keep it. I'm just wondering if any n50 users out there have a fix for this silly flaw???

Thanks in advance for any info/replies