I ran across this site and was curious if anyone of our hobby had tried it.

Here you can get the vortex tubes ranging from $129 to about $680, and you can get the kit's from $214 to $975.

The only problem I see with this is getting a constant supply of compressed air. I know nothing about compressors and the like, but I really want a cheap way of supercooling I have a mini fridge that I've been wanting to tear apart, but I just don't have the knowledge or how-to. And I think it would be much easier to just encase a heatsink with exaust holes and pump cold air through it. The encasing may not even be necessary.

Anyway, just thought I'd get some input on it. Wondering wether the cost of a big enough tube + a compressor would out do the cost of a prometia of Vapochill PE...