Hi, I'm going to buy a printer, and I'd want help deciding between an Epson Stylus Photo 830 or an Epson Stylus C62.

The Photo 830 is more expensive, but it's supposed to print photos better. Both of them look equally as fast, and the official ink cartridges look reasonably cheap (curiously, it's slightly cheaper to print text with the Photo 830, while it's slightly cheaper to print images with the C62).

I want the printer mainly to print some reports (usually without images) and CD covers, also some photographs and source code.

I don't mind paying more for the Photo 830, as long as I'm paying for stuff I'll use. So my question is: will it be worth? How good is the photo quality of the C62? Can I print decent photographs (using special paper) with it, or I should go for the Photo 830?

Thanks in advance