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Thread: Questions about scanners

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    Questions about scanners

    Hi, I had some questions regarding scanners:

    1. Is really worth getting a 48 bpp scanner if I can save a few $$ and get a 36 bpp one? How much better would the image quality be on 48 bpp vs. 36 bpp?

    2. I've seen scanners with a maximum optical resolution of 1200x1200 dpi. Are they really worth? I won't be scanning stuff at more than 300x300 dpi, as I want to scan photographs and CD covers, and these would be huge if I did them at 1200x1200 (and I'd need more RAM to properly work with such large images). Will a 1200x1200 scanner offer better image quality than a 600x1200 one when I'm scanning at only 300x300 dpi, i.e. will it do some kind of interpolation to scan, or getting a 1200x1200 dpi scanner would be a waste of money?

    3. Finally, can you tell me which brand scanners are usually better quality, Benq or Trust?

    Thank you very much

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    I doubt that you could see the difference between 36 bit and 48bit depth. It is an internal function and canít export over a 24bit depth to most applications. Photoshop will accept 48 bit images but you have to convert to 24 bit to do most things when you work with the image. There was a noticeable improvement going from 24 to 30 and then to 36, but 48 isnít that big a deal.

    Not only do you want to control the file size, but also you are just spinning your wheels to go over 300 PPI scanning a photo. A really good photo doesnít have over 300 PPI of information.

    Medium quality scanners in the $120 range in the US are now 2400 X 4800 PPI. 600 PPI optical scanners are usually at the bottom of the quality and speed heap unless you can find an older model left over or something. Iím not at all familiar with Benq or Trust scanners. Perhaps they are making medium quality 600 PPI scanners for the higher priced European marked, but 600 PPI scanners arenít a good choice in the US where you can get good 1200 X 2400 48 bit scanners for $75.

    If you canít find good reviews of Benq and Trust scanners I would at least go to their pages and see how well they support them with driver updates etc.

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