Thermaltake Xaser II A6000A Plus or Lian-Li PC-65
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Thread: Thermaltake Xaser II A6000A Plus or Lian-Li PC-65

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    Thermaltake Xaser II A6000A Plus or Lian-Li PC-65

    Hello I am to buy a new case of alumnium, I wanted to ask them for their opinion about which it is better if the Thermaltake Xaser II A6000A Plus or the Lian-Li PC-65.
    That qualities have one and another.
    As well as approximate costs.
    And as for refrigeration which has but gain in having but ventilation.
    Thank you.
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    I think they are both over priced and would rather get a nice Cheiftec case with a good side window for $70 and add the pretty lighted fans and grills and one of those pretty Vantec fan contollers. Hey if you use a fan speed controller do the LEDs in the lights get dimmer when the fan runs slower. I think it would. That would make it not only quieter, but not so bright when sitting idle, but really shine when running full till.
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