Xp 2100+ @ 2400+.....
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Thread: Xp 2100+ @ 2400+.....

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    Xp 2100+ @ 2400+.....

    .... need better ram I think. I'm not sure, I hit it with 1.9v core / 2.8v DDR and it wouldn't go higher!

    Damn.... Samsung is only hitting 181mhz Fastest CAS 2-3-3

    AGOIA core........ still workin' on it!
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    Hmm....is that the original Samsung ("true" samsung on samsung modules)? How old is it? Mine didn't do so hot when I first got it, but after a few days it was workin just fine. It now does 190MHz on max timings and 2.8v... 3.2v gave me 208MHz at max timings and 222MHz with laxed timings

    Then again, 3.2v isn't an option on most boards and could be dangerous

    In any case, nice OC!
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    Still trying to hit 2Ghz.....

    I did get my 2200+ to 2025Mhz but alas it wasn't stable, I am waiting on some water blocks to cool the puppy before pushing it that hard again.

    Um, and 3.2V is definatey waaaaay too far out of spec!


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    My new 2400+ (2.000) will do 2600+ (2167) easily at stock voltage, however, my Radeon 8500 does not run well at that bus speed. I am thinking of taking off the retail heatsink and slapping on an old SS7 heatsink. Anyone have problems removing ATI GPU heatsinks?

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    Raised the AGP voltage to 1.60v from 1.50v and the Memory voltage to 2.60v from 2.50v and she is stable as a rock at default CPU voltage of 1.65v and bus of 144 (mild OC) at 2160 MHz.

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    my amd xp2700+/333ddr is doing 2,[email protected] 1.90v, air cooled.

    13 x 193mhz [email protected] cas2.0 turbo.(2-2-2 1T 4bnk 0ps) on my 8 month-old hand-picked/tested Sammy PC2700 [email protected] 2.85v on the KR7A-133R.

    208mhz [email protected] cas2.0 [email protected] 3.42V (air cooled CU-HS) on the KX7-333. i do not like Sandra memory but if u wan sum, lemme know.
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