HardOCP pointed out a link to Rage3D forum. It seems somebody named Warp11 has figured out that ATI locked the ATI Radeon 9700 (non Pro) and the Radeon 9500 Pro with a special string in the card's BIOS that will now let you overclock the cards. This is a link to the message board. The first BIOS he posted had problems. The good copy is halfway down this page. There is also a link to the ATI Flash utility.

After checking through some of the results the Radeon 9500 Pro goes from 275/270 to a nice 325/310. This is the same as the Radeon 9700Pro, but without the 256bit memory bus. They are getting a 1000 point boost in 3D Mark 2001se. The Radeon 9700 looks to hit the Pro speeds too. This is very good news. Of coarse this means you need to flash the BIOS instead of just installing a tweek utility. If you read some of the messages, you will see a few people hosed their cards, but managed to recover them. You can recover the BIOS by "blind typing", using a PCI graphics card untill the BIOS is recovered, or making a bootable recovery disk (which one of the post shows you haw to make one). It looks like this is a bothersome move by ATI to try to "clock lock" their slower speed cards.