Whats the best Detonator drivers for MSI
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Thread: Whats the best Detonator drivers for MSI

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    Cool Whats the best Detonator drivers for MSI

    Im hopefully getting my new MSI GF ti4200 64meg graphics card tomorrow and would like to know what Det: drivers it likes the best.
    I ask because different cards seem to run best with different driver versions like the HerculesGF2 mx runs best with Det: 40.41
    Creatives GF4 440 likes 30.82 or 41.09 or 21.x
    If someone has the MSI ti4200 and knows, it could save me a lot of wasted time experimenting.

    Cheers JJ

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    I like WHQL certified drivers. For windows XP the newest WHQL certified Nvidia driver. For me, running windows ME I think I use 23.80 because the newer drivers do not run all my software well.
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    Ehhhhhh I didn't think the 2x.xx drivers properly recognized the GF4's features.

    I would recommend the 40.72 or the 41.09 drivers. The 41.09 increased my 3dmark 100 points (insignificant considering the score was near 14000).

    I think the 40.72 was a much smaller download, IIRC...
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    Thanks for the feed-back good buds.
    I was on the MSI site and they have standard drivers v31, are these any good and are they Det: drivers?
    I am running winXP sp1, like duronclocker and the 41.09 run great on my GF4 440mx so if there are no probs with the MSI ti4200 and 41.09 I think I will opt for them.

    Regards JJ

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    I really don't think you need to make a distinction between the MSI card and other non-MSI cards. What works best for one Ti4200 card works best for any Ti4200 card. I wouldn't bother too much with the official MSI drivers, simply because they lag behind the offical Dets in terms of development and release times etc.

    I have an MSI 128meg card and I use the Det 30.82s and much prefer them over the 40.xx or 41.xx, simply because they seem to be more compatible with older games. If you don't play older games, then I would suggest you use the Det 40.72 WHQL drivers.
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    strange that. I found I had video problems with alot of old games until I installed the new 41.09 on my mx440. Now all my games work perfect, crisp and fast.
    I hear there are new 31.x out might give them ago.
    Is it true that the 4x.x drivers are for the GF4 only.


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