DAMMIT! Now my games are crashing all the time!
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Thread: DAMMIT! Now my games are crashing all the time!

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    DAMMIT! Now my games are crashing all the time!

    I've been trying to successfully overclock my P4 but I suspected my mobo is the culpret. Now after too many unsuccessful attempts I just gave up and returned everythig to stock. Now both Morrowind and UT2003 crash seconds in. The music conitnues to play (music) but everything locks up. I ave to cold boot. I described what I did in another thread;


    I nearly at the end of my patience with this thing. I managed to clock my P4 to 2.929 stock voltage and I sent it to render 1 frame 30 times which took 8 hours, running solid at 46-47C. I Play Morrowind it crashes 10 minutes in. So I adjusted the ram timing and increased the vcore to 1.6V and I rendered the same frame only 1 this time and nothing was wrong. The temp was much higher idlling between 38 and 45C. But my PC crashed in UT2003. Is it my video card? I installed Rivatuner, but the settings weren't much higher than stock. I've also experienced choppiness (playing games) when overclocking, what's that about?

    What did I damage and will I have to replace anything? Please help.
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    The crashing that occured as a result of the overclocking may have damaged the software. You may need to re-install Morrowind, or possibly even Windows.

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