CD-RW drives and their problems
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Thread: CD-RW drives and their problems

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    CD-RW drives and their problems

    I've been using a LiteOn LTR12101B burner since last March and it has worked fine...until two days ago. It won't format discs for packet writing and it won't burn CD-r's saying that there is a "fixation problem". What does this word mean and how or what causes this kind of failure. I downloaded the latest NERO updates and tried again...but no luck. HELP!!!!!
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    Had a similar problem with Nero. I would suggest trying another burning software before pitching the drive... Turned out for me Nero went flaky.

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    If I update Nero to any version later then, it fails to work on my older writer. Perhaps you could try reverting back to that version, or an earlier version still.

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