Modem woes - any way to speed it up?
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Thread: Modem woes - any way to speed it up?

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    Modem woes - any way to speed it up?

    Hi everyone...

    Since moving to our new house earlier this year, we lost our DSL service, so I've been relying on a dial up. Our 56K modems usually connect at a pathetic 26,400. This is a real drag, especially coming home from our T1 line at work; and my kid keeps sending me looonnngg lists of tunes to find and bring home.

    I first thought that it was my old Supra modem that was limiting my speed, but I just built a new one with a V.92 Supra and it connects at the same speed. Both machines are running WIN98.

    Is this just a function of crappy phone lines, or are there any other fixes out there? I've found that the modem accelerators don't seem to do much. Any suggestions are most welcome....

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    wiltshire, uk
    where are you?

    i know that in the uk some bt lines split using the duplex system. great for bt in getting more customers onto their stuff without connecting a proper second line but in effect you only have half the bandwidth available.

    if that sounds like it might be you then contact your isp and ask if they have set up a duplex line and insist they change it - you are paying for a second line not half of the one you already have.
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    I'm in Chicago and I doubt if I'm sharing a line. This is an old house (by Chicago standards anyways) and I think the phone lines are real old. Perhaps I should ask the phone company what they can do...

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