Cold Cathode in Lian LI Case
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Thread: Cold Cathode in Lian LI Case

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    Question Cold Cathode in Lian LI Case

    I recently purchased a Lian LI 65 case and a cold cathode neon light kit. As I've never done this before, I was wondering where the best place is in the case to fit the light for best effects, and also where on the case to fit the inverter and the On/Off switch so it is not in the way. I have to cut a hole somewhere on the case for the On/Off switch, so I'd prefer to get it right first time


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    Most of the time you have to mount the light on the bottom. Top would be best though. If you are worried about the switch, thenput it in an expansion slot in back. Should fit OK.
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    I put mine in the back corner vertically so I could get the most even lighting. I put the inverter in the back of the case also, where it would be least noticeable, and I wired a switch to the front and put it in a 3.5" bay.
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