Recently my computer was upgraded at work from a 266 mHz to a whistling fast 400 mHz. Please stop laughing. Anyway this super computer comes fitted with a graphics card, and now I can see the monitor "better" I am noticing that when I open a white page like Word the screen rapidly dims to a kind of smut grey colour.

I have also noticed that the monitor appears more blurry than before (as if that is possible). Before codemning the monitor or the graphics card I thought I would test both to try and sort out what the problem is. For the graphics card I used Burnin Test which reports all OK, however, I am struggling to find some software that can test the monitor. Whilst you and I may agreethat in all probability it is the monitor, the monitor is about the best in the building (I kid you not), so I cannot just swap monitors. I need to be able to produce independant results so I can go and yell, beg, resign ... whatever it takes.