Monitor blues (actually whiteish)
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Thread: Monitor blues (actually whiteish)

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    Angry Monitor blues (actually whiteish)

    Recently my computer was upgraded at work from a 266 mHz to a whistling fast 400 mHz. Please stop laughing. Anyway this super computer comes fitted with a graphics card, and now I can see the monitor "better" I am noticing that when I open a white page like Word the screen rapidly dims to a kind of smut grey colour.

    I have also noticed that the monitor appears more blurry than before (as if that is possible). Before codemning the monitor or the graphics card I thought I would test both to try and sort out what the problem is. For the graphics card I used Burnin Test which reports all OK, however, I am struggling to find some software that can test the monitor. Whilst you and I may agreethat in all probability it is the monitor, the monitor is about the best in the building (I kid you not), so I cannot just swap monitors. I need to be able to produce independant results so I can go and yell, beg, resign ... whatever it takes.

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    blurriness? Is the cable which links the video card to the monitor near any source of electrical interference? Try moving it about. Also, have you tried degaussing the monitor?
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    Electrical interference is not increased particularly. We are an electrical shop so there is a number of electrical issues.


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    Degaussing is a feature, explore around with the monitor buttons its in there.
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    Have you tried swapping monitors with another system to see if your monitor works on another system or if another monitor works on your syste. Thats the quickest way to check. Was the system replaced or just the CPU? It might be they do not have the correct monitor drivers installed. Did you make sure the cable was plugged in good. Have you tried adjusting the resolution or refresh rates and see if this helps.

    Degausing is a button on most monitors. When you push it the image will distort and shake a bit then snap back.

    I did switch one of my rigs from Windows 98 to Windows XP Pro. I had a VERY old monitor on it that could run 800x600, which is the minimum that WindowsXP runs for the desktop, but Windows for some reason sets the refresh rate to 85. My junky monitor could only run 85 at 640x480. After backing it down to 60 I could actually read stuff. I messed around with a few of the refresh rates with a tweek utikity to see if I could squease out a few extra Hz, but the image would blure and get darker. At 85 the image would rap around the screan a few times and I would see tripple stretched out images. Clicking my way around with three mouse pointers was a pain. I had to install an overclocking tool to lock the refresh rates so I could use it in 3D mode at 800x600. Just locking the refresh rate in 2D mode did not lock it to 60 in 3D.
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