PC turning off randomly
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Thread: PC turning off randomly

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    PC turning off randomly

    Hi there!

    Lately I'm having the problem that my PC turns off at random (happened again just an hour ago). No crash, no messages, just as if I had cut off the power. First I suspected something with the power management, so I turned off all ACPI / APM functionality, but it still happened.
    My question: Why? Could the cause be a dirty PSU? I've opened my PC and once again cleaned it out, and there were LOADS of dust in the PSU and the CPU cooler; as the PC didn't crash, I assume it wasn't an overheated CPU. Does an ATX PSU cut off the power when it gets too hot? I didn't exactly burn my fingers, but the PSU was quite warm when I opened my case.

    Any opinions?

    edit: Oh, I forgot: The PC was running all day, but being idle (just running a screensaver and some ISDN stuff like answering machine and fax receiver), but when I decided to go surfing a bit before bed time - bang! - it went down after a couple of minutes....
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