AMD Athlon XP RAM compatibility
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Thread: AMD Athlon XP RAM compatibility

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    Question AMD Athlon XP RAM compatibility

    Does RAM used with the AMD Athlon Xp have to be used with CAS2 or CAS3 or can it be both? Only I saw a rather confusing statement elsewhere. Crucial Memory however say that both should work!?!


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    It is mostly up to the chipset and motherboard for stability at different speeds. Most decent motherboards can handle at least what the memory is rated for. That means most basic DDR memory will run at cas 2.5, but better memory might handle cas 2. You might have to lower some of the settings if you raise the memory or bus speed, but if you are lucky you can really crank up some memory. My Crucial PC2100 is rated for 266Mhz at cas 2.5, but I can run it at 2-5-2-2-T1 4way (which is pretty much as aggressive as you can get) on my EPoX board. My Abit KT7 uses SDRAM, but I can run it at 149Mhz with the same setting as above (which is about the same as running my DDR at 298MHz).
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    State brand and full model of the mobo in question...
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    The Athlon XP will run happily with whatever RAM the motherboard its on will support.
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