Okay, here is my problem.... Bought Age of Mythology. Installed it. No problems...

Happily playing the game and then pop. Sound goes to crap. Sounds like one of the background noises is looping and it is getting really annoying. So obviously. I stop the game, check hardware settings and disable hardware acceleration (In the game.) Playing along again and well... It happens again...

No sound problems with NOLF2, Ghost recon, SMAC, McGees Alice, MOO2, and any number of other games. ARGH!

Attempted fixes with no effect:
1) Update drivers
2) Hardware acceleration settings

Any other suggestions or am I just waiting for a patch?

Abit - TH7II w/ onboard sound.

And yes, I know onboard sound can be flaky... But it sounds fine to me. Or did until I got this frickin game.