Tekken for PC?
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Thread: Tekken for PC?

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    Question Tekken for PC?

    I'm just wondering if there is a PC version (recent) of Tekken? I played Tekken4 in an arcade last year.

    Any replies appreciated.
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    according to amazon tekken 4 is only available for the ps2 and tekken 3 for the ps1. there is a version of tekken for the gameboy advance on the namco website but no reference to pc format games. on the same site is an faq that confirms namco have no intention at this time to develop games for the pc.

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    Emulation time?

    Tekken3 used to run well with Bleem IIRC, a shop in my area used to use Bleem + Tekken3 and GT to show off their Geforce powered demo machine (back when Geforce DDR and Pentium IIIe were da mutz nutz).
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