K. I have a 9700 Pro (1.4TBird, 512mb DDR, XP pro, 6193 Drivers) and after much annoyance I got it running rock solid. It has been running like dream for a couple of days now.

Today, I bough IL-2 Sturmovik and UT2003. Installed them both. Played them for a bit, and went to watch the teevee. Came back an hour or so later, computer still on and everything seemingly fine.

Cranked up UT2003 only to be presented with these mad and crazy... things.... flashing on the screen:

Crazy Corruption Pic 1 and Crazy Corruption Pic 2 . I basically just hit the screen capture button a couple of times and these were a couple of the things I got.

When I checked NOLF2 I had the exact same thing thing happen. Lurid random shapes and textures flashing wildly all over the screen.

However, Sturmovik was fine. Then I noticed it was running in OpenGL. Tried it in Direct X... same problem.

I rolled my system back to a previous restore point ansd reinstalled both games. NOLF2, UT2003 and Sturmovik once again run without error.

WTF? Anyone any idea what could have happened here? I'm stumped but it seems to point to a DX problem.