Attn Intel Gurus: P4 heatsink bends my mobo
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Thread: Attn Intel Gurus: P4 heatsink bends my mobo

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    Attn Intel Gurus: P4 heatsink bends my mobo

    I just built a P4 system with a Gigabyte 81EXP board and used the stock heatsink/fan.

    It was difficult to lock the heatsink into place. It takes a lot of force to lock the cams. I made certain everything was seated properly, but after assembly the motherboard is bowed-out under the CPU due to the stress. I took the thermal pad off the heatsink and used a very small amount of Arctic Silver, but this didn't help.

    Is this normal???

    I'm worried that something will break with time/heat/stress.


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    if possible slacken the clips a tad, not enough for it to be too slack or too tight.
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    A friend of mine put together a P4 system and he complained to me of this very thing. I would make the assumption that this is a normal thing for P4 systems.

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    Yep the stock cooler did the same thing to my EPoX board. Doesn't seem to be much of a problem though...
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