Blue LED's in front of Antec/Chieftec case?
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Thread: Blue LED's in front of Antec/Chieftec case?

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    Blue LED's in front of Antec/Chieftec case?

    Has anyone here changed out the stock LED's from the front of their Antec/Chieftec case? If so, how difficult was it? I would like to put blue LED's in mine, and the front LED's don't seem to be that easy to get to.

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    The front bezel on the Antec and likely the Cheiftec since they are basically the same comes off. The LEDs are just fit into a little socket and are held in place with a dot of hot glue. The wires are easy to get to. Should be pretty easy. I have the Antec SX 630. The Cheiftec is based on the Antec SX 1030.
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    I've got a coolmaster ATC-710. It's a Cheiftec other than the front panel, and came with a blue LED as standard. Even if you don't get a blue LED on it, it'd be easy enough to mod. If you can spare the cash, I'd highly recommend the coolermaster:
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