NEC Laptop problem
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Thread: NEC Laptop problem

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    NEC Laptop problem

    I have an NEC laptop which I bought used over a year ago. It worked fine for a year but in the last few days I have been unable to power the system up. The power comes on on the PC and I hear the HDD spin up but I never get any video. I am unable to boot from another device since the system never gets to that point in the boot process. I have reseated the memory, HDD, CPU, and the battery and I am still not having any luck. I tried using an external monitor but that did not work either. I have removed all PCMCIA cards and the optional CD-Rom drive and the system does not want to boot. I would appreciate any help.



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    In this situation, bring the laptop to the NEC service center. I think there could be a loose connection in the notebook.

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