Sound turns of while playing games
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Thread: Sound turns of while playing games

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    Sound turns of while playing games

    Hey lately when ive been playing comp games the sound has turned off after about 10 mintues of play. In order to get the sound back i must restart the game. The sound otherwise is still on when i play songs. Recently ive been playing "Mafia" and my audio is built into the motherboars. is it just the game or should a better pci sound card? or should i update drivers or anything like that?

    please help i hate games with no sound!!!
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    Sounds, no pun intended , like a heat issue with the sound card. Check your case cooling. All you suggestions are good ones, so try new drivers first, than check the settings, make sure you have the latest version of Direct X, which has DxSound, and then if that fails, just install a new sound card, making sure to disable you built-on sound card in the bios. Make sure you disable the correct settings too, including any settings that mention SB compatibility, and DOS sound mode. Your new sound card should be autodetected and you should make sure to have the latest drivers for it. I agree, games with no sound sucks, just ask any CS player who has accidently hit the stupid "windows key" while playing and then got back into the server with no sound! Just a well known bug that Sierra/Valve still haven't fixed. . .

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    sounds a driver issue or games issue, what games exactly?
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