Case for computer i'm building
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Thread: Case for computer i'm building

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    Case for computer i'm building

    What is a good case I should get for a amd system with a MSI Kt3 Ultra motherboard?

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    My vote is for either the PC60 or PC70 cases from Lian Li. Build quality is superb and the PC70 case I use easily swallows 5 SCSI drives and 3 SCSI CD-ROMs. It depends on how much expansion you plan to do, though.

    The only real complaint I have is I wish they'd have used coarse threads on the thumbscrews, instead of fine threads with an aluminum case.

    My $0.02...
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    deppends what you're looking for and how much you have to spend really:

    The Lian Li cases are nice and made of Alu so they're light and cool.

    The Coolermaster ones look Sweeeet but are expencive

    If you're on a budget and don't care about the looks too much, the Globalwin 802 is for you.
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    I have the Lian Li PC68

    It's a really nice case with lots of room, great cooling, a filter to keep out the dust bunnies, and adjustable case fans.

    However, it wasn't cheap. And Lian Li cases do not include a power supply (not necessarily a bad thing....but adds to the price tag when you add a nice PS).

    Good price/performance is available with Antec cases. They look cool (Alienware use Antec cases) and many include good power supplies.
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    Heya... Just gonna move this over to Cases, Cooling, and Overclocking.

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    The Antec brand and its variants (Chenming, Chieftec, Enermax, Thermaltake...) has received good feedbacks from members here.
    For a link, click HERE.
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    I liked the Antec Cases...
    But if you are going to get a case get something decent the first time... SO you don't end up wasting money...
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    ANTEC gets my vote

    try the 1040B (black)
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    Actually Antec has put out some new cases this year in their Performance series (ie. 630, 830, 1030, and 1240) including a Pluss and II model. These add front USB and FireWire and one adds a fan on the side. They also added a new color (to their Black and Beige) AMG (Antec Metalic Grey). Some of the closes of the Antec 1030 from Cheiftec. This is a good example:

    It comes with a 400w AMD approved power supply and two case fans (with room for two more) for $79. Add a nice blue cold cathode light:

    For $15. That would be about $115 shipped.
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