Cpu Dead?
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Thread: Cpu Dead?

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    Cpu Dead?

    Another problem, I attempted to install a thermal probe from a Hardcano on my XP 1600+. During the process of removing the Heatsink I smudge my unlock job on bridges. So I cleaned it up to stock with acetone and a q-tip. Upon reinstalling and powering up I get nothin, no beeps, just the fans power up and hard drive light stays lit for abut 30 seconds and then dies off.

    Chip dead? or what is happening here?

    I have tried clearing cmos, removing battery, reseating heatsink over and over again, and still no joy. I do not have another system or know anyone with a socket-a board to try it in a different system. Whats your opinions? There is no scorch marks, no foul smell, and I have tried reseating all cards/memory.

    Damn it!
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    Tough one. Get a good magnifying glass, and be sure you really got it cleaned back to stock? Good luck!

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