Have had a lot of problems with this system. ? at the root of it all is my Antec 300W case that I got for $30 at Best Buy (seemed like a deal). Athlon XP 1700, Epox 8KHA+, 512 of RAM DDR 2100, AOpen MX 200 NVidia GeForce Video card with 32 MB RAM, has on board audio. Win ME and XP (I tried them both, and had problems with both).

Put it all together, but assembly plagued by the fact that the floppy drive wouldn't read, if it was placed in the case. Has one of those built in floppy slots, and if it's pushed in too far, the eject button must exert too much pressure on the floppy eject button, and it won't read. Finally adjusted things, and got it all together and was working pretty well. Closed it up (screwed on the side panels) and put it in my daughter's room, and it just began crashing, freezing and reporting errors. blue screens etc. Wasn't too hot (got 2 fans, and a Volcano 7) and temps on the bios were OK. Finally, if was almost impossible to boot. Windows would hang up , went into safe mode, that would even hang up there. Almost took it apart completely. Then I removed the side panel, and it started to behave normally. Right now, it's working fine, but I can't close the case for fear of return to bad acting.

Does this make sense? Any common problems that might explain this? I've already sent away for an Inwin case (have another that I like a lot). Any insight would help.