Hi guys,

Looks like I'll be coming into possession of a slot 1 Cellery 300a .Don't laugh - it's only when I need two machines running. I'm not going to ditch my Tbird 1000@1400 for it, nut it will allow me to sell my spare KT7A to raise some cash.

Anyway back to the subject in hand. I know these processors have a good chance of hitting 450 and I'm wondering what sort of cooling to use on it. I know I'm fairly unlikely to be able to source a new cooler but I'm open to suggestions where to source one (UK Only please).

Am I right in thinking that the Slot Cellery's use a SEPP package? And do any of the SECC2 coolers fit?

I'm also looking at suggestions for motherboards to go with it. I'm going looking to see what 2nd hand ones are about at my local computer fair on Saturday.

Cheers guys