Ramr: How's "Whiteout" Unlocking Holding Up?
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Thread: Ramr: How's "Whiteout" Unlocking Holding Up?

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    Ramr: How's "Whiteout" Unlocking Holding Up?

    Hi Ramr: After reading so much re unlocking, your method still appeals, especially with all the multipliers you achieved, 10-15X. I want the higher ones too, and was wondering if your original unlock is holding up ok, had to redo, etc?

    Have to admit MF makes it sound pretty easy too, but can't remember what multis he got.

    I'm currently running my locked 1600+ at 1.75v, 36C, 1575MHZ, 150 x 10.5, CAS2 - very stable. (Can run up to 156 or so at CAS3, but CAS2 sweeter.) Love it as is, but the bug is biting.

    Appreciate your results!

    EDIT: Others, here is link to this method:

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