Plycon said 36" Rounded IDE Cables causes errors. True?
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Thread: Plycon said 36" Rounded IDE Cables causes errors. True?

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    Question Plycon said 36" Rounded IDE Cables causes errors. True?

    Hey all

    I need to use a 36" dual device rounded cable and found one here.

    Plycon told me they don't sell 36" rounded cables because they cause data errors. Is this a fact?! I'm sure people with full towers use them, right?

    What I really need and can't find is a rounded cable with 12" between the 2 IDE plugs. They'r all 8". I have to jump to 36" to get the 12" gap. I think I've seen a flat ribbon @ 24" with a 12" IDE gap. Why not rounded?

    I would mod a ribbon cable if I could, but I'm disabled.

    Anyone seen my perfect 24" rounded cable with a 12" IDE gap, or do I have to go with a loooong 36"? Thanks guys :

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    Well, the official ATA specs call for only an 18" cable. The way I've found to possibly eliminate this problem is that you can reverse the cable if needed. Put the short end between the hard drive and IDE controller, and the longer portion between the hard drive and CD drive. I did this just last night with one of my systems. Works jsut fine.

    Don't think I've ever even seen a 36" cable. That'd be huge! I've seen/used 24" cables though (flat) in old systems based on PIO modes...
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    I use 24" flat ATA100 cables and have no problems. I don't see why you'd need 36" cable unless the drives were outside of the case somehow.

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    I'm currently using a 48" Ide cable. I use it to be able to mount my Cdroms (Burner and DVDplayer) in my desk instead of in my case. It makes for easier access and when I close the lid mounted to me desk, the spinning cdroms become virtually silent.

    I split the cables to make round so they bend easier. After about a year now, I'm starting to experice a few problems, Mostly with my burner. It seems that there is some data loss when burning and that causes some buffer underruns...

    I would expect it though, because my the cable move back and forth with my sliding keyboard part of my desk. Might be time to buy anought 4foot IDE cable....

    Hope this info helps....
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