i think i am having problems with my geforce 4 ti 4400 and heat. i have the original heatsink and cooling fan attached to it. i have 2 case fans (quite powerful, one pulling 84 cfm), a slot card fan sitting 3 slots down from the card. i have my more powerful 84 cfm fan sucking air into the case and my other fan blowing out. the slot fan also blows out as well. according to the utility asus sent with my motherboard, it is about 89 F in the case. what happens is that my screen will just freeze up and i will have to restart the computer. when it restarts, it often has funky characters in vertical lines on the screen. i have already sent 1 identical geforce4 back for a rma thinking the card was bad but this one does it too... it worked fine for a while but now it just started up. any suggestions on any of that?