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    Case Recommendations

    I'm looking to build a new computer soon, and i want to know if anyone can recommend a decent mid-tower that's moderately priced. I'm looking to add a window with a 120mm fan on the one panel, and maybe another 120mm fan on the top to the case as well. I'd prefer the case to be black, but i could always paint it if need be. Thanks.

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    These are some nice Cheiftec cases. They are clones of the Antec SX1030 case and are built good with lots of features. The cases come with 2 80mm fans and the window plus an AMD approved 400w power supply. You can get them at for $79 for a steal case or $99 for aluminum (only 18 pounds). Shipping runs $15. All you need to add is a Cold Cathode light (blue looks best with a black case) and some bright LEDs (blue laser LEDs again are best with a black case). They make the same case in white, silver, blue, green, and yellow.

    Several people here will likely back me up on both the case and place to buy it.
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    Thats a great case. I have it in blue. Theres plenty of room in their to do whatever you want and the case has some nice features. It is built rather well, everything is aluminum except for the front, which is plastic. And I think you can get it now for $69 w/o the PSU or $99 w/ a 400watt PSU
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