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    Water cooler pic

    I just ran into pic of my water cooler I took a while ago, so I'll share with you guys. It's used in labs to cool water and circulate. I suppose I can use this for watercooling, but this proves to be difficult.

    It is slightly different from conventional active cooled water coolers. Water cooling simply circulates water and water cooling with peltier cools CPU, then water carrys heat away.

    This particular cooler cools water at the unit, then pumps out cold water. The refrigeration capacity is about 280W at 20C. Lower at lower temp, somewhat higher at higher temp(about 330W at 40). At no load, it does down to -25C using anti-freeze. The compressor is manually controlled, so there is no way to limit the cooling power, a typical CPU don't put anywhere near 280W, so the outcome is water freezing up. I can use heater to prevent this, but that's way too much electricity being wasted.

    This cooler runs on Freon 12 and powered by 120V compressor drawing about 220W(more than our full size fridge!). The heat is dumped into it's radiator cooled by this really loud fan.
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