Defogger kit problem
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Thread: Defogger kit problem

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    Defogger kit problem

    Just got my XP 1600+ (AGOIA stepping) from Newegg. Filled in the pits w/ white out, cleaned it up, taped everything and busted out the defogger repair kit only to find the paint dryer than the desert of Death Valley! My question is, can i pour something in there (paint thinner, nail polish remover, alcohol, etc.) to get it back to liquid form or am I SOL?? Thanks!
    Epox 8RDA+ (Rev 1.2 w/ C1 Stepping)
    XP 1700+ TBred B (OC'ed 2450 MHz)
    SLK-800(A), Enermax 350W
    Buffalo Technology PC3200, 256MB X 2
    ATI Radeon 9500 Modded to 9700 Pro
    WDC 120 GB (8MB Cache)
    Sony Trinitron 19" & KDS 17" TFT LCD
    Logitech iFeel Optical Mouse

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    Have heard you can thin with Acetone, but perhaps there's a better way. You might even try to trade for a fresher kit?

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    I had trouble working with my Defogger paint. I thinned it with acetone and it helped get the lines drawn. What I ended up doing was thinning the paint, pouring a drop out on a piece of cardboard and picking the right amount up with a needle to run the lines with.
    There is a consistancy that works best and I usually had to wait till the paint reached that point before I could pick up enough on the needle to make it work.
    Next one I do I plan on using a single edged razor blade as a "Trim Guide" when applying the paint. I will modify the blade with a grinder to leave a small 1/4" or so flat at the end. I will take the edge off with a sharpening stone.
    I need better ideas to help overcome my limitations. I still need a mobo to see if my mod works.

    To be Continuied . . . . . .

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